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Football is the biggest sport in the world and as such, is the most watched and consequently, is also the sport that attracts the most bettors.

That demand extends beyond the actual sport into virtual games where bettors can enjoy betting on the world’s biggest sport 24/7.

To fill that need, we have the instant and scheduled leagues, each focused on giving you the best virtual betting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play

The Kings InstaLeague has a simple premise – to give you a chance to win as much as possible, as quickly as possible. This means that you can choose to enjoy this virtual game in full or simulate to a speedy result in situations where you’re pressed for time.

To play, visit the BetKing mobile website/app, navigate to “Virtual” on the homepage (it’s the second icon at the top of your device screen), and select the Kings InstaLeague from the list of instant football leagues.

Fixtures will be generated for you to make your picks. Do that, and place a bet after selecting your wager amount and wait for the results (note that you can choose to tick the “proceed directly to results” checkbox if you want to wait for a shorter period)

How are the Instant Leagues different from the scheduled leagues?

The difference between both Virtual leagues is in the name. Both are almost identical, with one key difference: you can get through game rounds quicker with the Instant Leagues, allowing you to fit more games into the time you have available.
No, they are not. Like all simulated products on the BetKing website, a Random Number Generator determines the results of the Instant Leagues.
Because a RNG controls virtual sports betting gameplay, it’s hard to make predictions using patterns like you would in online sports betting markets. This does not mean you can’t win still, however. Note which teams win more often than others and decide whether you want to commit funds to them or spread smaller sums out over more games with higher odds. Also be careful to bet only what you can afford to lose and walk away when you reach preset limits.
No, it isn’t. the same professional Customer Experience and Payment teams that help and process your payments over in Online Sports Betting are working around the clock when you place virtual bets to ensure that you have the best experience and can withdraw your wins as quickly as possible.
The same kind of bets you can place on the more popular football leagues you watch and bet on. From 1x2 bets to overs, both teams to score, combo bets and even correct score markets, many amazing markets are available for you to bet on.
Yes, it is. Visit at any hour of the day/night to enjoy the Kings InstaLeague today!